The Science-Art Solution to Climate Change

Within my 1978 Artist-in-residency in the University of Adelaide I composed black hole physicists across the globe pointing out when Einstein’s mathematical concepts were exposed to the international forces obeying the law of equal and opposite reaction, then afterward his worldview of physics fact would need to be pinpointed.

My concepts have been listed in Australian paper articles and were assaulted by influential scientists as being crap. But, two world-renowned black hole physicists, John Taylor, and Remo Ruffini came to my defense as well as the debate turned into a subject of international scientific speculation.

In 1979 the Science Unit of Australian National Television recorded the entire life work of seven world-renowned scientists also contained my Science-Art concepts in their eight-part show, The scientists – Chairman of Discovery. This was screened globally and my part has been sub-titled, Pope – The Catalyst. The Manager of the Science Unit of Australian National Television believed my study has been acting as a catalyst for the introduction of a more sophisticated biological science. He held my concepts held information demonstrating that Einstein’s mathematical structure of fact doesn’t apply to biological systems.

An individual catalyst doesn’t contribute monumental functions of wisdom into the World. He or she allows excellent scientific modifications to happen by introducing a rather modest quantity of information which makes great changes occur. In my case by way of instance, after Plato’s moral sacred geometrical math was proven to appeal to biological science afterward quantum mechanical mathematical sense starts to fall apart.

Plato maintained that both unethical and ethical artistic thought-forms existed. These were made by the performance of the magnetic properties of lodestone, which he correlated with the workings of a universal life force. He associated electromagnetic geometrical properties of lightning to be interacting with the growth of consciousness. This procedure can be connected to the creation of additional geometrical patterns in character, like when the sun causing evaporation of moist mud ends in the creation of geometrical patterns. Einstein’s math, on the other hand, is looked at illusionary, is predicated upon a geometrical point without a width, width, or thickness. Plato referred to these mathematicians as offenders forced to comply with the dark illusions of fact described in his Parable of the Cave.

Norbert Wiener, the father of modern cybernetics, devised it as a weapon of destruction. He later realized it was much more harmful than all-out nuclear warfare. Wiener then realized his evolutionary Progress in Physics belonged to Plato’s moral cybernetics math. Cybernetic geometry is all about psychological consciousness present in two types, one mutually innovative and also another biologically destructive. The imaginative cybernetics is designed to use aspects in the multidimensional universe beyond the understanding of crude tribal science. The intense aggressiveness of this thought-form working belonging to the mathematicians held captive within Plato’s cave of illusory fact was a standard state of tribal consciousness.

Einstein’s responsibility to competitive tribal science is made apparent inside a Chinese text of the oldest military treatise in the entire world.

Plato’s saviors in his futuristic The Republic is thought to be his”Guardians” of a brand new artistic innovative biological science creating the forces equal and contrary to the primitive forces of chaotic destruction. Plato’s ethical math seems to be roughly how a civilization could become part of the health of the world to avert the extinction that occurred to the apparently warlike armor-plated dinosaur fossils discovered by early Greek explorers.

DNA now indisputably shows that this competitive manic activity to get a species to damage itself is currently undergoing an individual survival thought-form transition. Tribal science’s harmful cybernetic thought-form activities can be replaced with its imaginative cybernetic reactionary counterpart. Plato’s Academy as a medical institute, in the light of Science-Art neural discoveries, is entering into a creative age, substituting the harmful cybernetic mathematical Art of War using Plato’s moral sacred geometrical cybernetics. Following some 2400 years that the character of Plato’s antidote for this particular scientific dilemma is now clear, as is explained in this report.

Plato’s Academy was created 45 years following the Golden Age of Greek’tribal’ Democracy failed when its leader, Pericles, died of this great plague which decimated the Athenian inhabitants through its war with the Spartans. It became approved understanding among educated Greeks who “tribal democracy completed some type of psychological thought-form disease” Since Dr. Warren Lidz in Bentley College’s Department of Philosophy has pointed out,” Greek doctrine could be adequately understood only when one realizes that it appeared in combination with the historical medical concept”.