Is Space Expanding Or Is Our Universe Expanding In Space?

In only about any introductory textbook on paper or primer on cosmology, you are bound to see that the Universe is expanding (accurate enough) because space itself is expanding, and such as dots painted onto a balloon being blown up, the flotsam and jetsam of this Universe are slowly spreading apart, somehow glued to this enlarging distance. Just how any astronomer or cosmologist could compose such claptrap using a straight face is rather beyond me.

My fundamental assumption here is that if space itself is expanding, then distance itself is something. Common sense tells you that distance isn’t a thing. You can’t see it, hear it, touch it, feel it or taste it. If you believe space is something, well catch hold of some of it and attempt to stretch or enlarge it (but do it privately or others are going to doubt your sanity). Whether you speak about 3-D distance (volume) or the four-dimensional space-time (time being the fourth dimension), then it’s only the empty phase, IMHO, in which the play of real objects is performed.

In my way of thinking, not-things (such as distance, time, and measurements in general) could be subdivided forever. They are constant. Regardless of the duration, volume, or area, whatever you’ve can be broken in half and half over and over and again and you still have a span, volume, or area. Matters have an integrated limitation as to how much that item in question could be broken down until you hit basic bedrock. Sooner or later you strike and enter the domain of the electron, these quarks, neutrinos, photons, gluons, gravitons, and other force and matter contaminants that can’t be broken down any further. All these are matters.

You proceed through the present space when moving from home to the workplace, to the grocery store, or visiting some foreign city on business or vacation. When commuting into the workplace, the space between office and home does not rise daily.

The Moon orbits the Earth through present distance. The Moon is getting further from this Earth daily. Even there is a great deal of room between the Earth and the Moon, and the Moon is becoming farther away from the Earth, that is not because the distance is expanding, but as a result of tidal forces.

The Earth/Moon couple transforms the Sun through present distance. There is a good deal of interplanetary distance between the Earth/Moon platform along with the Sun, but the Earth/Moon into Sun distance has not changed in thousands of millennia.

The Sun (and solar system) orbits around the middle of the Milky Way Galaxy through the present distance. There is a whole lot of interstellar distance between sunlight and the galactic center however, the Sun is not becoming any more remote from this center.

Up to now, so great: astronomers and cosmologists will concur with this assessment. But all of a sudden, with a snap of the hands, out in intergalactic space matters go apart, or instead, galaxies (of which our Milky Way is just one of the billions and billions) move besides other galaxies like being carried piggyback in an expanding darkened space (which nonetheless is the same distance as interplanetary and interstellar space).

Anyone who’s anybody who knows a little about gravity and General Relativity understands that space-time is elastic. Volume’informs’ space-time the way to flex; just how space-time flexes’informs’ mass how to proceed. But, that also suggests that space-time is something, a physical medium that may be manipulated.

Issue and energy and related forces and force particles are just two sides of the same coin according to Einstein’s famous equation. So, that ought to be adequate for all activities, interactions, reactions, etc., to be explainable without fretting about warped space-time. But, let us look at the very well-known example of alleged warped space-time, the experimental observation that demonstrated Einstein’s forecast that Volume indeed informs space-time the way to flex and the way that space-time flexes’informs’ mass how to proceed. The case in point was that the deflection of photons of light emitted by a star whose light passed quite near our Sun. This deflection supposed that observers on Earth watched the celebrity ever so slightly from the place while the Sun was at the line-of-sight vicinity. (All this has been detected during a solar panel; differently, the starlight could have been drowned out by the Sun’s light) The explanation: starlight photons (mass or energy) wish to move straight but space-time was warped and consequently those photons got diverted in the narrow and straight. Well, that is 1 way of studying it.

As soon as you accept the idea that the idea of space is expanding – distance itself generating more distance from nothing – is complete crap, then certain consequences follow. One is the substance of the Universe is expanding via existing distance as opposed to the substance of the Universe being transported piggyback on the rear of distance. If the material of the Universe is growing through present distance, the substance of the Universe has ever enlarged through present space. Present space was current during the Universe’s expansion back unto the start – which Big Bang event. If space existed in the time of the Big Bang event afterward distance existed before the Big Bang event, as the Big Bang event needed space to bang into, exactly as any other volatile event you can imagine, by a firecracker into an H-Bomb into a supernova must occur in the present distance. Therefore there was a presence before the Big Bang. There was a before the Big Bang and all thocosmologicalies accounts for the Big Bang should consider that.