PC Protect

Before we get to the real discussion, it is worth mentioning that this brand belongs to SS Protect Unlimited. The same company owns the TotalAV and Scanguard brands too and is based in the united kingdom. In terms of PCProtect, it provides not just antivirus protection but also a VPN for online anonymity and essential tune-up tools for optimizing system performance.

However, the question is — will this software be able to guard you in 2020? Does it have what it takes to compete with the likes of Kaspersky, Bitdefender, Avast, and other industry-leading solutions? Join us in this review and let’s find out if PC Protect is a trusted antivirus or not. We will also go over all of the available packages, discuss the pros, cons, customer service, ease of use, and think of a verdict in the end.

One of the greatest facts about PC Shield — it’s available on Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android. It functions equally well on Smartphones and tablet computers (plus, the web site claims there is also a Chromebook version coming). Oddly enough, you won’t find any information regarding the Virtual Private Network, but it’s accessible with all the paid programs. The good thing is — it always collects personal data and shares it with various third parties, which is a major con.

Our team analyzed the privacy policy, and it clearly says that SS Protect Limited is collecting user information. What’s more, since the HQ can be found in the united kingdom, they’re obligated to discuss all that information with the government (The United Kingdom is a part of the Five Eyes surveillance alliance). On the security side, however, PCProtect’s VPN is reliable: you receive AES 256-bit encryption, SHA-512 authentication, as well as the so-called RAS-4096 handshake. They all combine can guarantee your information will be secure during online sessions.

Overall, they provide access to servers in 43 countries around the world, including some located in Brazil, South Africa, and much more. But even if connecting to a nearby server, you should expect to shed /- 50% of their link rate. On far-away servers, stability and speed are even worse. On top of it all, we discovered that there are a number of DNS leaks, which”conquer” the very reason for using a VPN.

As for the firewall, it is nothing special and does not have many advantages when compared to the built-in Windows firewall. It’s also worth mentioning that some antivirus products flag the official PCProtect site and a number of its documents as malicious. While that does not necessarily mean it’s accurate, you still need to be careful.

Reliability and Security
In its core, PCProtect remains an antivirus, despite all of the extra tools and features. Thus, it was essential to inspect the product’s functionality in the actual world and to evaluate its anti-security capacities. Sadly, it was not tested by any independent laboratory testers, such as AV-Test and AV-Comparatives. It is always best to compare the outcomes of in-house testing with third-party labs, however, in this instance, we had to rely on our evaluations solely.

You have heard of the AMT (Anti-Malware Testfile) made by EICAR and CARO — it had been specially designed to test antivirus programs. We ran it on a computer with pre-installed PCProtect, and it did nothing to prevent us from planting and launch the”malicious” files. It did flag them as dangerous during a full scan, but it does not do it any justice.

Yes, reliability and security are not this program’s strongest sides, to put it mildly. You will be better off using the Windows Defender, as it is a more advanced solution. In our tests, it instantly blocked the Testfile; moreover, Microsoft’s antivirus is always included in third party evaluations and constantly shows decent results.

We have also to say that PC Shield includes anti-rootkit, anti-spam, anti-phishing, email, and anti-virus protection. These modules work decently and will be certain that you’re free of phishing sites, adware that”strikes” the system with advertisements, spam, and much more. This program’s firewall is average at best, but it generates an extra wall of protection against phishing and other kinds of online threats.

Ease of Use
As stated in the Experts, ease of use is among the product’s strongest suits. You don’t need to be an expert to make sense of it all; even a novice will be able to begin using all its components once the setup is complete. The main dashboard appears quite”fancy” but it’s extremely easy to navigate. All the crucial menus and options are situated right in the middle — you won’t miss those big icons.

Overall, there are four big categories, and they are also situated on the left. To get antivirus, System Boost, Disc Cleaner, and Internet Security menus, you will need one click. There’s even a huge green button that says”Scan Now” — click it to begin an immediate scan of the machine. Once the check is finished, PC Protect will provide you with to whitelist, quarantine, delete the files, or do nothing.

System Boost specializes in simplifying unnecessary applications and”tidying” up everything to improve performance and make the system start quicker. However, it is not quite as successful as the rivaling goods and largely implies the built-in OS features. Do not expect it to do any deep cleanups.

To eliminate cookies and wash the browser history, use the Browser Manager (it’s located right below the four significant menus). There is also a disk cleaner — great for deleting junk and eliminating duplicates (it is not particularly effective, though). In our tests, the Windows Cleanup utility was able to free up more space than this instrument.