Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920 Review

Using a photo that is usually grainy and lacking detail, so your notebook’s integrated webcam actually does not cut it if you are flowing on Twitch, Skyping with grandmother, or dialing into an important business meeting. In these scenarios, we highly suggest the $60 Logitech HD Guru Webcam C920, a cheap external webcam that delivers comprehensive video and photos, which supplies applications to fine-tune the image even further. If you’re searching for a fantastic camera with a large field of view for chatting, videoconferencing, and streaming, then this is among the best options on the market.

You can not overlook the C920 once the black, chunky device is connected to your notebook or track. In its broadest, the webcam is 3.7 inches. But all bulkiness homes a 1080p camera flanked on either side from LEDs and pellets.

The camera comes with an arm that communicates the back of your screen or the lid of your notebook. The C920 also includes a hinge to adjust the arm length and a rubber foot to maintain the device in place. I had no difficulty mounting the C920 on either my work notebook and external screens. If you would rather not have the webcam set over the screen, then you may use the built-in tripod bracket to attach the camera to some stand you desire.

Picture and Sound Quality
When using the Webcam C920, I am not certain how I will ever return to a crappy notebook webcam. As soon as I took still photos of myself within our brightly lit labs along with a pitch-dark, living space, I was amazed at the 5-megapixel (5168 x 2907) camera clarity, detail, and color accuracy. In better-lit environments, like beneath the fluorescent lights in my desk, then I could easily make out individual hairs in my head and back on my top.

The camera lets you video-chat in 1080p (Logitech notes that the webcam may encourage Facetime for Mac just at 720p), as well as the movies I listed came out. The colors were not as exact as from the photos, and the lighting was somewhat too bright, but you may still create a whole lot of detail in my head and the surrounding area.

The C920’s 78-degree area of opinion is more than sufficient to squeeze another individual or big object into the framework. Most built-in notebook webcams capture just sufficient to demonstrate one individual’s torso.

Logitech’s business edition of the camera, the 98 C930e, offers nearly equal performance but has a 90-degree area of opinion and colors that are more lively but less precise. A photo I shot with the 930e produced my mild reddish shirt to appear more like a cherry red. A more affordable, 720p camera, the Logitech HD Webcam C310, was grainy compared to was not as eloquent in low light.

Recorded using all the C920’s built-in blades, the sound in my sample movie was clear and loud, but somewhat apartment. Although I listed my own conversation within an open-office setting, there was not a great deal of ambient sound from neighboring co-workers. On the other hand, the C930e had exceptional sound cancellation, while the C310 did not do much to soften the background sound.

Computer software
The C920 works with Logitech’s Webcam Software for Windows. The business touts support for Mac OS X, Chrome OS, and Android, but these operating systems do not offer you this program. The program enables users to zoom in and outside with the camera, in addition to pan right and left. Should you use this on a desk, you will probably have to use it just after, however, users on the move may find themselves relying upon those framing alternatives more often. The software comes with several wallpapers and avatars to bring a little bit of fun for your videoconferencing. You might even utilize the C920 as a security camera as a result of the motion-detection style, which may be convenient if you would like to keep your eye on your desk.

Regrettably, I discovered the app as a whole to become slow and buggy, dangling involving jobs such as shooting or viewing photos and movies. It sometimes crashed, also. I immediately found that different versions of the Logitech camera functioned to varying degrees with all the programs. The less costly HD Webcam C310 can not use face masks, avatars, or other specific effects. The enterprise-focused Webcam C930e is not designed to operate together with the program; it fails to shoot photos or videos in 1080p using the program’s built-in recorder.

Bottom Line
The Logitech HD Guru Webcam C920 is a superb replacement for the notebook’s integrated webcam. It takes sharp photos and videos, making it perfect for teleconferencing and streaming. It’s simple to set up in an external computer or laptop screen, and it functions nicely with Logitech’s committed, albeit buggy, applications.

If you would like a better sound experience, you need to think about that the $98 Logitech Webcam C930e. This camera has greater sound cancellation and wider viewing angles but does not work together with the webcam program. But using a street price of only $60, the Logitech C920 is your most effective external webcam for the price and among the very best at any cost.